Tutorial 6: The First Cycle in an Iterative Process

Taking Action

Action research takes place over time. This is important as it shapes the way that action researcher approaches the inquiry.
In this tutorial we explore getting started with the first cycle of action research. This involves framing a guiding research
question that specifies the action to be taken and reaction to be studied. The question serves as the blueprint for the cycle.

T6: Video : Getting started with cycle 1

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A. Framing Cycle 1 question
The questions a researcher asks can guide their process. A good question will inspire one to look closely and
collect evidence that will help find possible answers.
B. Taking Action
C. Exploring and Recording in your Blog

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A. Advice and examples for writing the cycle 1 question
B. Taking Action - What is a cycle and why are they part of action research
C. Reflective Writing

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