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The WIKISPACE of The Center for Collaborative Action Research(CCAR)


The wikispaces is a place for discussion, questions, resources, or ideas around action research. (See menu in the navigation bar at the left for the organization of this wiki). It is the mirror site to the CCAR WebCenter, and invites you to join us in developing tools, ideas, and dialogue around the practice of action research. You can use the discussion tab to start a discussion. You are all invited to add your ideas to these pages, but we ask that you sign in before you make the changes so we can see the user name of people making the changes. The history button keeps track of page versions so we can restore pages if something goes wrong so feel free to change what you see. Over time, we hope that our collective mind will provide a supportive environment for those who are engaging in a formal process of action research as well as those who want to make action research a habit of mind. Also, you can ask to be notified when this page is changed and you will get an email. These pages will be developed for use by those who are engaged in action research and are monitored by Margaret Riel, Bill Mosely, and Paul Sparks from Pepperdine University.

We look forward to your continual participation. Please join the community and share your ideas!


INTERACT is a part of the Center for Collaborative Action Research --WEBCENTER

a peer reviewed site featuring the best examples of action research projects by students in the Master in Arts, Education Technology and Leadership program at Pepperdine over the past 5 years. We are publishing new action research projects on a regular process. The WebCenter features more resources on action research and links to other action research sites. You can EDIT all pages but this opening page. We hope you will both join CCAR interact (see option in the menu at the left) and add your ideas to the pages.