How Does Action Research Affect the Community?

Collaborative Action Research is always done with people rather than on people. The action researcher tries to enlist the group as co-researchers and provides a model of service leadership. So how does action research affect the workplace? We are looking for stories that can be shared by people who have engaged in action research as researchers, co-researchers, observers, or supervisors.

For the Action Researcher:

What changes have you seen in the communty as a result of your action research project?

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The changes I have seen in the communities I work in are: Increased ownership of school learning culture, increased participation of school/community stakeholders, diversification of school/community stakeholders. The partnerships that result from our MD Green School Application process are long term and true to the phrase: "A partnership gives and receives. If you are only receiving then it is a gift." I am working to use the development of ecological literacy (environmental literacy) as a pedagogical framework to create learning communities that are ecologically sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just. Please see the attached essay for more info:

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For the Co-Researcher:

What changes have you seen in the communty as a result of your participation as a co-researcher on someone's action research project?

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As a co-researcher on Anne Smith’s 9th grade action research project, I noticed two changes in the community as a result of her research. One major change occurred within the students that were part of this project. As the researcher participated in the overall research plan, took action, collected, analyzed evidence, and reflected on the results, the students took close notice. They followed the example set forth by the researcher and began to engage in deeper and more effective self-reflection through blog entries, conversations with their peers inside and outside of class, and turned in assignments. Another major change was the effect this action research project had on the co-researcher. As the researcher was making changes and reflecting on each cycle of the research, I was granted the privilege of being along side her throughout the process. This increased the dialogue between us on many topics relating directly to the research, but it also caused a deep sense of obligation to further study and reflect on my own practice. By participating in this action research project as a co-researcher my own teaching has and will continue to improve. - Randon Ruggles

For the Observer:

What changes have you seen in the communty as a result of an action research project of a co-worker?

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For the Supervisor:

What changes have you seen in the communty as a result of an action research project of a person you supervise?

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Our team is really committed to continuous learning and studying ourselves so having a member of the team conducting action research was quite natural. Lately, we have been really busy and have not invested the time in asking key questions and seeking to understand more deeply what we are doing and learning -- so having someone on the team in an action-research role was exciting. It brought us back into a more reflective stance as a team and was a catalyst for us to get back to some fundamental questions like, "Who are we?" "What is our deep purpose?" and, "Are we investing our resources in ways that align effectively with that?" This was a very positive experience and one that I feel strongly should be a part of every organization's rhythm.