Sharing AR syllabi

Sharing Action Research Syllabi

To help each of learn how to best support action research we invite you to share your teaching syllabi. This has been done
in many different areas by major universities. I am wondering if we might be able to encourage those who support action
researcher to share their teaching plans. I know this would be a great resource for all of use. If you have trouble posting it
please send a note to and I will be happy to help you. Also see the American Education Research
Association (AERA) Action Research Special Interest group site which is also collecting syllabi.

LINK TO THE SYLLABUS or File download
Margaret Riel
Pepperdine Unviversity
Participatory Action Research -
13 month sequence of four courses
640, 641, 642, 643
Action Research 650; Action Research 651 Action Research 652; Action Research 653
Ryan Pleune (ETL Student)
Lesley University
Leadership, Communication & Advocacy (Action Research Methodology) M.S. Ecological Teaching and Learning - 12 Month cycle - 3 courses

Linda Purrington
Pepperdine University
Participatory Action Research
Ed.D in Administration, Leadership and Policy (2-year program)
Purrington-Action Research syllabus
Nancy Hard
Pepperdine University
Action Research
Master of Arts in Teaching
Harding -Action Research Syllabus
Alan Markowitz
College of St. Elizabeth
Action Research MA Educational Leadership

Alan Markowitz
College of St. Elizabeth
Action Research in Special Education

Alan Markowitz
College of St. Elizabeth
Action Research Dissertation

Kathryn Shafer
Ball State University
Action Research for Math Teachers two course sequence MATH 694 and MATH 696.
Elizabeth Soslau
University of Deleware
Action Research Syllabus- Education

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