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Learning Activities

I will share a number of activities to go with each video. Ideally you will be in a learning circle with other action researchers working on your action research projects in a group setting. And hopefully you are using a blog to share your progressive understandings with yourself at a later date. Keeping a blog and portfolio is like keeping data about your thinking. See the activity for the first session for information on setting up your blog.

A. In your Action Research Blog:

  • Reflect on any part of action research that is unclear to you at his point.
  • How will you increase your understanding?
  • How do you think action research will help you learn more about yourself, your practice, your community, and how to create and understand change?
Here is a template to use for responding to these questions.

B. Online Polls:

understanding ar polls.png

  • Complete these action research polls to see how your understanding is similar and different from that of others.

C. Discussion Forum

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Please share your understanding of action research either in your learning circle forum, or with others who you know who are doing action research. if you are working alone, you are welcome to use the discussion page on this site to share your ideas. The discussion icon is located next to the edit button at the top of this page. But you can also click on the one that is in this section.
  • What are the characteristics of action research you find most compelling?

  • What have you done in the past that comes close to the action research process?

  • If you have an idea of what you might do for your action research, you might share it at this point?

D. Describe Action Research and Your Plans for Engaging in Action Research

There will be a place in your final report where you share your understanding of action research and why you have chosen this approach to research. While your understanding is growing and will evolve, it is good to write a few paragraphs that describe action research and why you are doing this action research project.

Template for writing about action research.

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