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Action Research Conference Presentation rubric
Pepperdine University
Masters of Arts in Learning Technologies Program (blended-online)
Margaret Riel

Rubric for Action Research Presentation, Student Name_

Score (1-5)
Check the phase most appropriate and/or add comments (5 is high score)

Opening / Introduction
4-5- Strong intro, identified problem or issue,
2-3- The introduction adequate and interesting
1- The beginning was confusing

Theory - Research connection
4-5- Conceptual grasp of ideas contextualize work.
2-3- Prior research cited; weak ties to current work
1- No mention of research context.

Description of Actions
4-5- Cycles clear described; linked to each other in clear path with strong connection to goals
2-3- Cycles are clear but research focus is unclear
1- Unclear what action is being researched

Documentation of Findings
4-5- Findings clearly documented, good design
3-4- Minimal or questionable use of data
1- No evidence for outcomes

Reflection on personal growth
4-5- Dimensions of personal growth well articulated N
2-3- Some reflection on personal growth
1- ”I have changed so much” without elaboration

Presentation Style
4-5- Timely; poised; articulate; good visual supports
2-3- Uncomfortable; less well organized;
1 Difficulty in speaking; unprepared

Response to Questions
4-5- Professional response to questions
2-3- Some trouble but overall did well
1- Did not listen well, understand, or respond well

Overall Evaluation
4-5- Clear presentation; problem identified; deep understanding through analysis & reflection
2-3- Well presented; issue less clear: partial learning from others, some reflection
1- less well organized; hard to distinguish actions & outcomes; little evidence of reflective thinking.
Total Score
Comments to student: