Tutorial 11: Sharing Your Action with Others

The purpose of the final report is to share your ideas with others in your community of practice who would value the knowledge you gained. How are you going to share it with them? You will need to decide what to write and to whom to write. Keeping your audience in mind is critical in all forms of writing. One of the strongest acts of leadership can be the quiet act of writing—of sharing with those who choose to read your words. You will reach people that you will never see. It is a very powerful act. Consider these ideas as you plan your writing. You are making a contribution to the body of knowledge that exists beyond yourself. Research is a conversation of the past with the future-- past research inspires new inquiries. This is your invitation to join the conversation.


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T11 Activities

Writing instructions including a template and rubrics to help with the writing.
A. Developing a Brochure to Describe your work
B. Putting it all together, writing your first draft of the whole report
C. Telling your Story

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T11 Resources

Tools to help you to share the work you have done in print, at a conference, or as an e-portfolio on the web.

A. Learning from the Work of others

B. Creating and Using Rubrics to Guide Writing
C. Your Online Portfolio of Action Research
C. Presenting your Work at Conferences
D. Writing a Journal Article
E. Exhibitions of Learning -- Watch video stream of an action resarch conference

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