Tutorial 12: Your Identity as an Action Researcher

If you have following these tutorials, you have been learning how to do action research. And when you learn new skills, with these skills often comes a new identity. In the case of action research, you will often been seen as someone who knows how to make things happen. Your experimentation with change in the workplace marks you as someone who is not afraid to take risks, someone who understands that you can lead from any position in an organization or workplace. When you listen to others and help them become better at what they do, you take on the role of servant or service leadership. The resources will help you think more about what type of leader you are becoming.


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T12 Activities

A) Perceptions of Others- Requesting Feedback.
B) Patterns of Interactions - What do you contribute to groups? How do you offer help?
C) Action Rsearch Interactions - What communities have you joined?

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T12 Resources

A. Learning as identity Management

B. Transformation Learning
C. Servent or Service Leadership
D. Join an Action Research Network

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