Congratulations you are almost done with cycle one. It is now time for REFLECTION. And this is the most
important step as it will be where you will develop new ideas. Reflect on what you did, and what happened,
and then WHY it happened as best you can figure out. What matched your expectations and what surprised
you? Where did you feel effective and when were you less satisfied with your actions? Did you learn
something from the data analysis what was not evident in the setting? Often we have the sense from
reading responses that everyone was talking about how effective one strategy was but then you code
the data, you find that, in fact only a small number of respondents mentioned it. We hear and see things
that we are looking for or that we expect to find. When we are look at data more carefully we often see
differently. The reflection is the time to sort through your thinking, decide on what is significant and plan
the next cycles.


T9 Video

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T9 Activities

Writing your Cycle one Reflection

  • Review your blogs
  • Write your Reflection
  • Evaluate your Reflection


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T9 Resources:

  • The Difference between Reflective and Descriptive Writing
  • Reflection Spirals
  • Reflection Questions and Frameworks

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