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ar conference image.jpgThis is a space where you can share your Action Research Syllabus and ideas for teaching and supporting action Research. I am returning to this area (Feb 2016) and doing some editing to make it less redundant with the course. You are invited to add your ideas to these pages. The history button keeps track of page versions so we can restore pages if anything goes wrong (so don't worry). Over time, we hope that our collective minds will provide a supportive environment for those who are engaging in a formal process of action research as well as those who want to make action research a habit of mind

You can use the discussion tab to start a discussion about anything you read in either part. . Also, you can also use the setting to have the site notify you (by email) when a specified page, or the whole site, is modified. These pages will be developed for use by those who are engaged in action research or supporting action researchers and are monitored by Margaret Riel (, Director of the Center for Collaborative Action Research, Pepperdine University. Feel free to join and work out your ideas on the wiki pages or to start a discussion.

Action Research Neighborhood

Sharing Ideas

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AR Neighborhood

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