Written Reports and Web Portfolios

The purpose of the final report is to share your ideas with others in your community of practice who would value the knowledge you gained. How are you going to share it with them? You will need to decide what to write and to whom to write. Keeping your audience in mind is critical in all forms of writing.

One of the strongest acts of leadership can be the quiet act of writing—of sharing with those who chose to read your words. You will reach people that you will never see. It is a very powerful act. Consider this idea as you plan your writing. You are making a contribution to the body of knowledge that exists beyond yourself.

A resource that might be of interest as you write up your action research report is Edit Central. This will give you option of copying in your text and getting a grade level assessment of your writing and highlight misspelled words. This is mostly for fun as it does not look at the content of the work, only how many complex words, and word and sentence length.

Writing Templates
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Pepperdine University
The Center for Collaborative Action Research has collected Action Research Portfolios that serve as effective models. The model portfolios are categorized in two groups:School Action Research for projects that help improve instructional practices and Community Action Research for projects in University, Corporate, and other Community settings.

Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency
The Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency have published a book on Action Research for the Professional Development of Teachers (the second half of the book is in English and has a number of examples of action research).